Welcome to Florilegium.

Florilegium, in medieval Latin, refers to a collection of writings, but literally means a gathering of flowers. This particular gathering of flowers will include musings on enchantment, the Arabian Gulf, autism poetics, transculturality, skoliogeography, wild saints, nascent explorations of Christianity from a former atheist, and probably more.

Drifts: My debut book Drifts is out now from Footnote Press. Drifts is a memoir of autism and transcultural identity that spans continents. In it, I chart my creation of skoliogeography, a form of psychogeography that gives preeminence to autistic modes of perception and expression. Lauren Elkin said Drifts was: “Surreal, vivid, haunting, mischievous, visionary.”

You can order Drifts here and here and you can find links to my other writing here.

About: Natasha Burge is a Saudi-born American writer from the Arabian Gulf. She holds a PhD in creative writing and her work has been published around the world, anthologised, nominated for a Pushcart Prize, made a finalist for the Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing and the Dzanc Prize for Fiction, and translated into Arabic, Japanese, and Mandarin.

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writing on enchantment, the Arabian Gulf, autism poetics, and coming to faith


Natasha Burge is a writer from the Arabian Gulf. Her debut book 'Drifts,' a memoir of autism and transcultural identity, is out now. Here on Florilegium she is writing about faith, enchantment, culture, autism, and skoliogeography.